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Cognition Solutions offers

END to END GIS Services.

Futuristic Engineering Designs.

Survey Over a two decades of expertise such as
Data Conversions, Digital Mapping, DGPS Survey, Engineering

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  Data Mapping  



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  Location Based  


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  Auto level  

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  and Detailing  



  Cad Drafting  

Brief Description


To take the Engineering Design Process to the top most level with a pool of talented professionalswho work with commitment and the highest level of creativity and passion. To build a network of people who can count on us to deliver projects with immaculate design in terms of creativity, economy, workability and flexibility. To be ahead always and bring in Futuristic and Eminently Workable designs!!

At Cognition Solutions, Engineering design is both an art and a science. It is the ability to hold a complexity of purpose and means, and to discover an underlying, design solution that is simple, powerful and works with the highest efficiency.Engineering Design at Cognition Solutions is creating that marvel that is a product that is Economical, Functional, Smooth, Efficient and Flexible. This demands knowledge, imagination, and ability to see the integrative, interconnected simplicity, in a complexity.


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We have in place an incredible team of Project Managers and Designers who work on the values of the 5 C'S .
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