Electromechanical devices

There is an ever growing and universal demand of a multitude of consumer goods. It need not be emphasized that this industry has a direct link with billions of people worldwide. This is the area that is directly visible and the demands of design too are equally challenging, for various reasons.

The goods demand a multidisciplinary approach. The cost considerations have to be keep strictly in mind. Each and every product , be it a the latest tablet, any device that is directly used, any manipulative device needs economy of design, smoothness of functioning, and this in turn requires a high degree of know how coupled with imagination to optimize design while keeping the performance levels high.

With our multi-disciplinary pool of talent we meet this challenge with commitment and creativity.

The services we offer here are the following.

  • Industrial design and styling
  • Development of plastic and sheet metal parts from Class A definition
  • Repackaging studies to reduce overall size
  • Moldflow and sheet metal forming simulation
  • Mechanism design and motion studies
  • Conversion of legacy paper/2D data to parametric 3D models
  • Interactive 3D technical documentation for internal and customer use for installation, commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting for the equipments
  • Creating of customer specific part libraries for data reuse and standardization
  • Analysis of various mechanism, multi-body dynamics simulation
  • Electronics cooling system analysis