Heavy Engineering

Heavy engineering is large scale work in terms of sheer size and operational complexity. This pose challenges that are very unique.

On the one hand, the very size demands stability, and this is to be kept very strictly in mind, during installation and also during operation. Also, this requires fresh thinking and creativity of the highest order as each design has unique features that prohibit borrowing.

This requires highly experienced and committed professionals and who also have the talent to meet the creative demands.

It is our great pride that we have the finest experts who undertake these challenges.

The services we offer here are the following.

  • Design of large structures as per standards and codes like ASME
  • Detailed development of structural design from concepts
  • Design of joints/fabrication process and manufacturing engineering support
  • Preparation of intermediate BOM for procurement
  • Design of jigs/fixture and special working holding devices for large fabrication
  • Assembly sequence animation and CBT's
  • Generation of General Arrangement (GA), fabrication, manufacturing drawings and BOM
  • Validation of large structures as per standard code calculations
  • Weight reduction and optimization for structures
  • Weld joint analysis
  • Modal, Fatigue and Durability analysis