Industrial Engineering

The variety and range of industrial machinery staggers the imagination. There is huge scope and possibilities for innovation and improvement. They are the bed rock of modern civilization and an indicator of the growth of the economy.

The design challenges are very complex here requiring deep insight into the working of Industrial machinery. The demand for creativity is the highest here and the demand fro people who can meet the challenge too is the highest.

We take especially a great pride in taking up the challenges in this crucial domain. Our talent pool works with passion, drive, and in depth know how, and are known and experienced in delivering innovative solutions at every stage of the designing.

The services we offer here are the following.

  • Design and development of various mechanisms
  • Localization of designs as per new markets and geographies. E.g. converting design initially done e.g. for Europe to Indian context using locally available material and standard parts
  • Design automation for repetitive design work by providing customer applications
  • Conversion of legacy paper/2d data to parametric 3d models
  • Creating of customer specific part libraries for data reuse and standardization
  • Interactive 3D technical documentation for internal and customer use for installation, commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting for the equipments
  • Analysis of various mechanism, multi-body dynamics simulation
  • Weight reduction and optimization studies of components frames etc
  • Vibration, thermal and cooling system analysis for sensitive parts and electronics
  • CFD and thermal flow simulation