Land Base Mapping

Land mapping solutions are essential for planning and development. Land Mapping solutions focus on land records and details of their database. These tools support the decision making and analysis.we offer Services for development, Implementation, and maintenance of land information systems

In basic terms, a geographic information system (GIS) for energy services or utility companies brings together, manages and makes use of two broad groupings of information - landbase and facilities data. As the foundation of a GIS, the landbase consists of a layer or combination of layers of data that depict natural, manmade as well as cultural features.

The landbase does just what its name says; it provides a base or backdrop for placing additional layers of facilities and other location-based information. Generally, the primary focus of energy and utility GIS, namely electric energy GIS, has been the facilities piece and the value derived from related tasks such as facilities operations & maintenance (O&M), engineering design, and modeling. By contrast, the landbase and its data delivered little value beyond its utilitarian role as a frame of reference for the facilities data. Plus, as a rule, few departments made use of the landbase data or its longevity was limited to the life of a single project. Today though, new Internet and GIS technologies offer opportunities to maximize the value of the landbase piece by capitalizing on the wealth of readily available digital landbase data. Along with data acquisition, the landbase piece of GIS can now deliver substantial value on two other fronts - distribution and maintenance of data.