Remote Sensing

Detailed high resolution data is crucial to gain proper updates and insights into the actual conditions in large areas. The images need to catch with high precision and turnaround time, topographical, hydrological and man made infrastructure data.

We have image classification, interpretation, incident and Image analysis, and reporting services.

Our technological expertise includes working with CARTSAT, IKONOS, QuickBird, world view 1 and 2 and also aerial sensors. These fit any type of requirement that are at the frontier of remote sensing operations.

We have done the project for the below instances of remotely sensed images of the Earth include:

  • Large forest fires can be mapped from space, allowing rangers to see a much larger area than from the ground.
  • Tracking clouds to help predict the weather or watch erupting volcanos, and help watch for dust storms.
  • Tracking the growth of a city and changes in farmland or forests over several years or even decades.
  • Mapping the ocean bottom - Discovery and mapping of the rugged topography of the ocean floor (e.g., huge mountain ranges, deep canyons, and the "magnetic striping" on the ocean floor).