About Us


Our company was started in 2012, with a Vision to provide futuristic project designs to international and top clients meeting their high standards with respect to workability, flexibility and economy of design.

Armed with our 5C"S value ethics we delivered our projects with a high degree of success and have already created a special niche in the market, that has enormous potential. This is just the beginning, and as years pass, we will be setting and competing with our own selves to grow and meet the ever widening challenges of our growing global economy.


To take the Engineering Design Process to the top most level with a pool of talented professionalswho work with commitment and the highest level of creativity and passion.

To build a network of people who can count on us to deliver projects with immaculate design in terms of creativity, economy, workability and flexibility.

To be ahead always and bring in Futuristic and Eminently Workable designs!!



At Cognition Solutions, Engineering design is both an art and a science. It is the ability to hold a complexity of purpose and means, and to discover an underlying, design solution that is simple, powerful and works with the highest efficiency.

Engineering Design at Cognition Solutions is creating that marvel that is a product that is Economical, Functional, Smooth, Efficient and Flexible.

This demands knowledge, imagination, and ability to see the integrative, interconnected simplicity, in a complexity.

This is the quality we provide with our excellent and highly creative experts with decades of rich experience in designing.

This is our commitment rooted in a passion and purpose to give the very best to our clients.


We have in place an incredible team of Project Managers and Designers who work on the values of the 5 C'S

The root of any fuel to achieve anything that is difficult, demanding of precision, logic, and creativity, and technically high end, is COMMITMENT.

Designing is hard labor and to be at it, to persevere and find solutions is the key to a successful finished workable design.

The Commitment to high standards is our first value that we practice, at all levels.

Coordination and Communication
From conception to the final product delivery, communication should move freely from any party to any party as and when the need arises. This is the best way to smoothen the process, to be clear about expectations and thus deliver exactly to the requirements of the project, to correct smoothly, to learn and adapt to changes etc.

Clarity coupled with Creativity
Clarity refers to detailed requirements, a knowledge of the full complexity of the project, the knowhow available, the expertise needed, the people needed to execute, and client expectations. We strive for 100% clarity at each stage and level of carrying out the project.

Clarity is not enough; in such demanding, technical projects, persevering to find a solution that is optimum, economical, smooth and eminently functional is necessary. This in turn demands always, and relentlessly, to search for ideas, that are creative and practical, that cuts across the complexity and reaches to a fundamental, workable simplicity.

This is what we provide to ensure a high standard of final delivery.

Each of the C's keeps us on our toes and our highly dedicated, experienced and creative team follows it consciously as a way of life.