Mechanical Analysis

We have extensive experience at Cognition in providing multi-physics solutions through conventional and advanced numerical simulations such as finite element, finite volume, finite difference, discrete element and boundary element methods. Based on the physical behavior, we employ either implicit or explicit methods to provide accurate and reliable solutions. Our solutions help our clients enhance products through optimization of weight, space, cost and time. We have expertise across various simulations such as structural, thermal, CFD, mold flow, electromagnetic and multi-body dynamics.

  • Extensive experience in high-complexity simulations such as non-linear transient dynamic analysis, modal analysis, fracture mechanics, fatigue analysis, fluid-structure interactions, conjugate heat transfer analysis, electromagnetic analysis, acoustic analysis, multiphase flows, vortex-induced vibrations, creep studies, aeroelasticity and hydroelasticity
  • Ability to provide field-failure solutions and product enhancements through accurate modeling of physical behaviors and boundary conditions
  • Expertise in developing macros for challenging analyses such as fatigue, random vibration, creep, and fluid-structure interaction to eliminate inaccuracy and enhance productivity