Technical Publications

In a modern dynamic environment of complex technologies and equipment, timely access to accurate, mission critical technical information is indispensable to ensure streamlined operations, service, regulatory compliance and most importantly, safety. Tech Mahindra possesses an in-depth experience in Auto Financial Services and offers comprehensive art-to-part Technical Documentation solutions for the Aerospace, Automotive, Heavy Engineering Machinery, Discrete, Process and other engineering industries.

Our technical writing expertise lies in architecting and implementing end-to-end documentation solutions. The Auto Financial Services group draws its strength from its professionals across the spectrum of industry verticals.

Our capabilities include

  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM)
  • 3D animation manuals for manufacturing and assembly
  • Logistic Engineering
  • Graphics style guide
  • Customer specified style sheets and documents
  • Data Type Definitions (DTD)
  • Generation of new customized style sheets

Key Benefits

  • Domain Expertise: Skills in Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Machinery, Process and Discrete domains with expertise in a wide range of tools
  • Quality Standards: Meticulous knowledge of Aerospace standards, such as Air Transport Association's ATA100, ATA iSpec2200, MTOSS, Association of European Aircraft and Component Manufacturers (AECMA) S1000D and ASD-STE100
  • Process Maturity: Strict consistent processes, style sheets, controls for on-time delivery and accurate technical documentation
  • Reduced Costs: Established delivery model optimizes operating costs over the lifecycle of Auto Financial Services
  • Flexible Delivery Model: A global delivery model can match customers' footprint across the globe
  • Elimination of Redundancy: Minimize rewriting and recreation of content through streamlined review, validation and approval processes